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The cookbook is currently out of stock. Please contact me at to get an update on the status of a new edition.

This is not your ordinary cookbook. This is an entirely new way of preparing food. A rice cooker makes one pot meal preparation fast, easy, portable and cleanup is a breeze! The book is full of healthy, simple recipes each a complete meal with anti-inflammatory ingredient(s), the nutrient breakdown and a grocery list. The book is also full of helpful nutrition information covering the latest trends in food and diet from blood sugar management to organics to the scoop on gluten.

To order the book, my preferred rice cookers and other products, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Watch how easy and delicious cooking with a rice cooker can be.

Click on the following for an excerpt from the book


Click on the following for one of our favorite recipes

Other favorite recipes include:

Curried Shrimp, Soft fish Tacos, Minestrone Stew and Breakfast for Champions just to name a few--easy, tasty and good for you!


"The Italian White Bean and Pasta is Absolutely Delicious!! Unfortunately, for the most part my husband wants the SAD diet. However, I gave him a serving of the Pesto Chicken with spinach for lunch, and he finished it. I also like this tasty dish! Delicious with the spinach salad.

I love how you can pick out these lovely flavors, like the Trader Joes Pesto Sauce. And how I could taste that very small amount of herbs, oregano and basil, in the Italian White Bean. I am impressed with your abilities to put these foods together for taste and the statistical breakdowns, from fats to My points. Glad to see the footnote to use gluten free pasta, as I like to do that. Cooking these recipes is helping me to get more proficient.

Patricia Case



My preferred rice cooker brand is Aroma. My preferred models are their stainless steel ones (see links below) which are more expensive, but more durable and contain no Telfon. The brand is extremely high quality and their customer service is superior. Best of all, they provide replacement parts through their website:

Since many people struggle with blood sugar issues, I wanted to make a note about the effect of food on blood sugar. Everyone’s sensitivity to insulin is different and no matter what the nutrition facts on a food or recipe say, most everyone will react differently to that same food. The best way for you to know how a particular food affects your blood sugar is to check your blood sugar 2 hours after eating the food. This is particularly helpful for pasta/spaghetti dishes and rice dishes as the carbohydrates in these foods are more readily available to the body than the starches in beans, lentils or quinoa. 


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Take your life back! A healthier, happier you is just a meal away.

Why just survive? Eat well and thrive!

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